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Fine dining, fine brewing: great beer and food create great synergy
Contemporary fine dining restaurants and specialty beer breweries have several points in common. Both take pride in using only the best ingredients.
Cheers, 3/1/05 by Julie Johnson Bradford

Food: welcome to the world of special offers, home of the brave, land of the free - fine dining
Fine dining has evolved into a series of promotional offers. Special offers include Sainsbury's launching of a Gourmet Club that will provide members discounts, ...

New Statesman, 4/4/97 by Emily Green

Formula for Fine Dining - Brief Article
Formal dining rooms have a place in many homes. And, as the elegant name suggests, these rooms deserve top-notch design treatments. Start with a thoughtful ...
Better Homes & Gardens, 11/1/99 by Shawn Gilliam
Port Edward Restaurant navigates 40 years of fine dining
Port Edward Restaurant navigates 40 years of fine dining.
Nation's Restaurant News, 6/7/04 by Carolyn Walkup

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