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Formula for Fine Dining - Brief Article

Formal dining rooms have a place in many homes. And, as the elegant name suggests, these rooms deserve top-notch design treatments. Start with a thoughtful layout, then add eye-catching architectural touches and just the right light, and you'll have a dining space that will complement any meal. Here's how.


Your dining space should be close to the kitchen to make it convenient to bring out food. In newer homes, dining rooms are often open to the kitchen, the living room, or other adjoining spaces. If you have a door separating the kitchen and dining room, however, it's best to have a door with double-action hinges, which allow the door to swing open and shut as you pass through.


If you already have a dining room, see that your table is scaled to the space. If you're building a new dining room, design it around the furniture you'd like to use there. Careful planning ensures that guests will dine comfortably and that furniture is neither too large nor too small for the room.

You will need 2 feet per person around all sides of the table for everyone to sit comfortably. At least 2 feet behind the chairs will allow you and your guests to easily walk around the table and slide your chairs in and out. Allow additional space for extra furniture, such as sideboards and china cabinets.

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