Tricks To Eat Fast Food

Nowadays, the easiest and the cheapest way to dine-in is at the fast food restaurants. Such restaurants are available everywhere. It's the handiest restaurant accessible in the neighborhood.

Those who can't cook due to their tight schedule mostly order their meal from fast food restaurants. They just ring the delivery service, and the food will be delivered in just a few minutes, ready to be eaten. What an easy life.

Apart from its convenience, fast food is also known as unhealthy and a weight gainer. High calories, sodium and fat are the culprits of its unhealthiness. It's often lack of important vitamins and minerals too.

If you are among those who are reluctant to eat fast food, here are some tricks to help you eat nutritious and less fattening fast food.

* Don't eat big size food (there are some restaurant selling big size food, such as McDonald's Big Mac).
* Choose the healthiest foods available in the menus. This will help you maintain your diet, as you will not be tempted to unhealthy food.
* Eliminate high fat and calorie sauces and dressing of your food.

* Instead of taking sodas, change it with water or low fat milk
* Eat not more than 1,500 calories a day

Here are some menus for the day which consist of less than 1,500 calories:


Your 300-350-calorie breakfast:
* Muffin (150 calories) plus scrambled eggs (16 calories)
* Croissant with egg and cheese (350 calories).

Avoid sausage as it will increases 260 calories
* Egg sandwich (300 calories).

All sandwiches usually contain 300-350 calories.

Avoid bacon as it has more than 300 calories.


Your 400-450-calorie lunch:
* Grilled chicken (400 calories)
* Four chicken nuggets and small portion of french fries (420 calories)
* Grilled potatoes with chili sauce and cheese (395 calories)
* Sandwich with chicken inside (300 calories) and salad with low fat dressing ( 125 calories)
* Individual chicken popcorn (450 calories)
* Two slices of thin flat slight cheese pizza (200 calories each slice). The most important thing in consuming pizza is to eat thin flat slight pizza with less topping to minimize the calories (unnecessary for vegetables topping).


Your 500-calorie dinner:
* Plain hamburger, 1 portion of french fries (children's package) and diet drink (530 calories)
* Three slices of pizza by reducing the fatty cheese (500 calories).
* Original chicken breast and mashed potatoes (500 calories)
* Meatloaf (310 calories) with potatoes salad ( 200 calories)
* Marinated grilled chicken sandwich (470 calories without mayonnaise)

If you want to make another choice, here is the list of some healthy fast food you might want to choose:
*Single hamburger (regular or children's size)
*Fruit or fruit and yogurt
*Whole wheat rolls
*Baked potato (with vegetables instead of cheese, butter or sour cream)
*Low fat deli sandwiches on wheat bread or on pita bread
*Wraps on whole wheat tortillas (without dressing).

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