TBone Steak

T-bone steaks are named for the characteristic T-shaped bone with which they are cut. They are cut from the portion between top loin and the tenderloin. The specification to be a T-bone steak is that the tenderloin part in it should be at least inch across. They are almost similar to the porterhouse cuts; only that they don't have as much of the tenderloin in them. They are also a little tougher than the porterhouse steaks. But both the T-bone and porterhouse steaks are tender, luscious and succulent and make for good dinner and barbeque choices.

To be more precise, the T-bone steak is a steak which contains a T-shaped bone with meat on its either side. The quantities of meat on either side are unequal. On the broader side, meat is from the top loin and the smaller side the meat is from the tenderloin.

Thus, the T-bone steak is a union of two different cuts. If these two regions around the T-bone were to be separated, then one would have a top loin steak and a filet mignon steak, of which filet mignon is a prime cut.Both T-bone steaks and porterhouse steaks are also called "emergency" steaks. They take much less time to be cooked and can be prepared on very short notice if unexpected guests arrive. They are more suited to dry heating methods such as grilling, broiling and pan-frying.

They require a short time because of their tenderness and lack of collagen in the tissue. Also the T-bone conducts the heat inside the flesh as bone is a good conductor of heat. Since they contain two different cuts of beef, both sides of the T-bone reaches doneness at different times.

This gives a pleasant dual texture and flavor to the entire T-bone steak. Ideally, T-bone steaks should not be cooked to a doneness of more than medium rare.A normal sized T-bone steak weighing 3 ounces will have 262.

2 calories. It contains 23% each of fats and proteins, but does not contain any carbohydrates or fats. It also contains good amounts of iron, zinc and B vitamins and that makes a highly nutritive steak.The T-bone steak is considered to be midway in quality between the sirloin steak and the filet mignon. It is priced higher than the sirloin steak, but lesser than the filet mignon steak.


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By: Max Bellamy

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