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This very Englishman asked us to inform you about Russian food you are going to eat here. This is what we are going to dwell upon today.Russian people are very anxious about food. The former Soviet Union joined together 15 nations and we all know various national dishes. We know both their names (that are often hard to pronounce:)) and the way of cooking.

Once my fellow guy bet with an Italian chef that he would cook a better pizza than this Italian guy. It was a real event highlighted by mass media!:) As a result my fellow lost the bet because he couldn't know that the chef could cook much better than what he did in his café! He had neither time nor desire to work doing all his best for mass production!:))) Indeed, Russian people like both cooking and eating. Almost all our women are excellent cookers because they learn in the family first, then ? at school, then ? competing with their girlfriends (who's the best cooker?:)).Here is the story.

One of our former translators came to visit us not so long ago. She lives in States now and perhaps, some of you remember her. Her name's Indira. She is a wonderful and friendly person. She married an American guy. We asked her about everything, including American food.

You know what she said? She has cooked meals herself twice for the whole year of staying there! It sounds fantastic for any Russian woman! We cook at least twice a day (breakfast and dinner), sometimes ? lunch. On weekends we spoil our close people with something tasty (some baking for example). Twice a year is incredible! However, the majority of Russian people cannot afford restaurants so often. Our average salary is 150$ and a dinner at a restaurant costs at least 20$.

So, it is much cheaper to cook food on your own in Russia. By the way, ask your sweetheart about her favorite dish and I'm sure she will be happy to tell you about her cooking specialty!:).So, what do we usually eat? (I hope, guys, you've had your meal already or we warm up your appetite!).Breakfast.

There are people who prefer to avoid breakfast at all or drink a cup of coffee. But they are not numerous and I'm not one of them:) In general, we eat eggs, porridges, sausages, macaronis, pancakes, milk products like cottage cheese, cheese, sandwiches, flakes and? perhaps, some remains of yesterday dinner. Our breakfast gives us energy till lunch. It is well known that the period from 9 a.m. to 11 a.

m. is the best time for working. So breakfast is very important.

Lunch. It usually consists of three dishes and a drink that are a salad, soup, the main dish and some juice (or compote, tea, mineral water, etc.).Dinner ? salads, some snack and the main dish (meat or fish with vegetables, rice, macaroni and so on as garnish). Perhaps, wine or beer? or something stronger:) What Russian food do you know? Cabbage soup (shchi), red-beet soup (borsch), ravioli (pelmeni), caviar (ikra), pies (pirozhki), pancakes (blini)? If you know at least some of them you are quite ready to visit Russia! :-).

If you don't feel like eating traditional Russian food don't be scared of starving in Russia! For example, in Kazan there are a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can try Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Georgian, European and Indian food. Besides, we have MacDonald's where you can eat American food. Oh, just don't beat me, American guys?:))).

At last I'd like to give you a kind piece of advice (from our Englishman). Before buying a hotel accommodation with breakfast included please find out their menu. Perhaps, you like this English guy, are going to give your money but not to be able to stuff yourself with these "rich" sausages and porridges. Maybe you'd better buy some fruits and eat them in your room? Or just order a cup of coffee. Food can be very expensive in some Russian hotels and restaurants, so, you'd better enquire about what you are going to eat before paying.

However, the best and most romantic variant? I'll tell you and make you envy?.The best alternative is to rent an apartment with your future wife and wake up in the morning feeling a wonderful smell of the breakfast she is cooking for you.Have a good meal!.

.I am 28 years old Russian female, working in dating field for almost 7 years and my specialty is dating articles for ChanceForlove Russian Online Dating.

By: Irina Chernoff

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