Poverty Food Purchasing

I never imagined that I would be making less per hour than I did forty-three years ago! Therefore, for most of us, there has been a drastic lifestyle adjustment. I can't imagine what our two glorious political parties and American business have in store for the economy of our children!.But complaining don't make things better. We just blow off a little steam.

I want to pass along to you some suggestions on saving on your monthly food purchases and some food preparation tips. This information is gleaned from years of "getting by," and not based on expert research. So use what works for you and your family and disgard the rest. For example, your beliefs might preclude you from eating meat; your allergies might preclude you from eating peanuts, etc.Purchasing economical food items:.Rice-This is an economical item.

It is available almost everywhere in the US. Rice tends to be cheaper in large quantities. However, if you are really strapped, you may want to try the Dollar-Type Stores available in you area.

Often, you can get a pound of rice or even two pounds for one dollar! If you plan on using and eating rice for a decade or more, I recommend a rice cooker. Rice cookers are not too expensive and can be purchased at department stores.Potatoes-Look for the lower priced ones in your supermarket.

Additionally, in the Fall, farmer sell vegetables alongside the road. Remember, if you don't have potatoes, you probably have rice.Mac and Cheese-Anyone familiar with minimum wage is familiar with this American staple. It is a side dish of macoroni and cheese packaged in a box. Dollar-Type stores usually sell these items at a bargain.

Other starches can be had for low prices either in large quantities or at a Dollar-Type store.Meats.I personally stay away from the cheap hamburger in the supermarket. I feel that it is better to use a pound of the good stuff than three pounds of meat with a high fat content.

In preparing speghetti with meat sauce, you can use a small amount of ground round or ground chuck to make a delightful meal. Check out the lamb, mutton or the like if it is on sale.Chicken.Legs and quarters tend to be the least expensive.

Breasts usually cost more. I advise that you buy chicken fresh and stay away from the frozen unless there's a big sale on wings,legs, etc.Turkey.Sometimes these big birds are on sale cheap.

If you get one, you can roast it and divide it down into many frozen meals for your family. Additionally, you can use the leftovers to make a turkey vegetable soup.Seafood.This used to be a cheap option for poor folk. However, the rest of the folk found out it was good for you so the demand and price went up. You still can get good bargains on fish, usually frozen, in your supermarket.

Canned tuna makes for a good sandwich. Tuna can also be thrown in with the Mac and Cheese for an easy meal for the kiddies. I feel that your dollar buys more if you purchase fish that is frozen and not prepared. The breaded fish products tend to be more costly.

Vegetables.Unfortunately, canned vegetables are the cheapest. Fresh usually tastes better but is more expensive.

The cheap vegetables tend to be cabbage and carrots. With a great amount of boiling and a can of corned beef thrown in, you will have a corn beef and cabbage entree. It's really not that bad! Your salad stuff-head lettuce, a cucumber or two, and maybe some radishes. I feel that store bought tomatoes sometimes taste like reprocessed cardboard.

But again, it's a matter of taste.Fruit.These are wonderful alternatives to junk food for kids and adults.

Apples, oranges, tangerines and grapes make for a delicious snack. Some are expensive, look around.Dessert.If you are on a shoestring, stay away from the packaged desserts.

Ice Cream is ok and can be spread out for several days if used sparingly. The dry geletin products make a nice dessert and are not too expensive.Food preparation:.Meats.Be sure to follow the food preparation instructions for the type of meat. If meat is not fully cooked, one can get ill.

Chicken-as with beef or pork, make sure that the meat is fully cooked.Parting thoughts.Try to stay away from packaged food no matter how great the items look on the package. Replace carbonaged beverages with drinks made from dry mixes.

Make your own lemonade or limeade.I hope that these tips can be helpful to you. And I wish all of you the best.

.Gene Smith was born in Appalachia in the 40s. He has written many articles on the web and is a former Fellow of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. He lives near Charles Town, West Virginia.(c)2006 Gene Smith.

By: Gene Smith

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