Medical Values of Chocolate

There have been myriad studies on the subject of chocolate, and reading them in some instances you find it hard to believe they are studying the same subject. However, the one thing that everyone agrees on is that chocolate does have effects on the human body and mind, as does any other food or drink that we ingest. Psychologists normally ignore the likelihood that any of the chemical compounds that make up chocolate could have an effect on the person eating it. They have attempted to convince us that it is because we have always been given chocolate as a reward; therefore we receive these pleasant feelings from this childhood event.

Some even claim that we learn our liking for sweets from this activity; however this does not explain that a newborn will nurse more readily on a sweet liquid than on one that is not. One other thing that is consistent is the escape clause built into each of these studies, the last paragraph usually reads something like this, “while this study has been complete, we have to recognize that each person reacts to different substances in different ways, therefore we can not guarantee the results of this study.” That was put in laymens language, when they say it, its much more complicated and more difficult to understand. Medical doctors have as many different ideas of the values of chocolate as psychologist do, the claims of the medical profession include: · Interaction with female hormones causing an intense craving once a month · Action as an antidepressant · Cough syrup · Mood elevator · Aphrodisiac enhancing pleasurable activities · Anti stress agent There are also medical doctors who believe that chocolate is not good for the human system, but can cause the following ailments: · Migraine headaches · Acne · Tooth decay · Obesity It is quite obvious that with all of the studies on chocolate, no one can truly agree on any one thing being true, except these two things.

Almost everyone loves chocolate, some more than others, and it is the highest selling sweet on the market. Thank you,

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