How To Properly Clean Your Coffee Maker

It is of the upmost importance to clean your coffee maker and keep your machine producing great tasting coffee. I will go over how to clean 4 different coffee machines that tend to be the most popular: espresoo machines, moka pots (stove top brewers), French Press and Drip Filter brewers. Each of these machines requires a different cleaning method. Espresso Machines To clean an Espresso machine just follow these steps: 1. Remove the group handle from the espresso machine and empty the coffee puck into a rubbish bin.

Rinse the group handle with warm water. 2. Pour your chosen cleaning solution into the filter basket in the group handle.

With your espresso machine ready to brew, put the group handle in the espresso machine just like you were going to brew some coffee. 3. With a bowl under the group handle, start the machine and begin pulling the 'shots'. 4. Leave the machine on for about five seconds. Then stop for ten seconds, then on again for five seconds.

Repeat this process another six times. 5. Now remove the group handle from the machine and rinse with warm water. 6. Turn your machine on without the group handle in.

This will fully rinse the group itself. 7. Now using the brush for your espresso machine, clean any residue from under the brewing group. Once complete, turn it on to give the group head another rinse. Drip Filter The Drip Filter brewer is very easy to clean. Just follow these 6 simply steps: 1.

Dissolve 1 oz of citric acid in 4 cups of hot water. 2. Add 4 cups of cold water to the solution and pour the solution into the water chamber.

3. Turn on your coffee maker (without the filter) and let about half of the water solution run through the machine. 4. Stop the machine and let it sit for 15 minutes.

5. Start it up again, and let the rest of the cleaning solution run through the machine. 6.

Rinse everything out by running 8 cups of cold fresh water through your machine at least 4 times. French Press or Plunger The French Press brewer is a snap to clean. Simply remove the plunger and empty the spent coffee into a rubbish bin. Use soapy water to clean the plunger and the glass jug. Make sure all parts are rinsed well (ensure no soapy residue remains).

Then allow all the components to air dry. Moka Pots To clean a Moka pot is easy to clean. Just dismantle the Moka pot and rinse in warm water. Do not put the Moka pot in the dishwasher as it will discolor the pot. So there you have it, the cleaning methods for the four brewing styles that are explored in our coffee brewing styles article.

Once you have your brewing style right and you now know how to care for your brewer, why not start to experiment with new coffee recipes.

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