Great Outdoor BBQs can be Compact

Most of us love the outdoors. The enjoyment we get when we get the great outdoor bbqs going is a feeling second to none. There is no other feeling for enjoying your meal outside; it can be a picnic with family or friends by the lake, hiking or the old favorite in the backyard.

Many of today's great outdoor bbqs have become smaller and more portable. With small propane tanks and outdoor grills the size of waffle irons are light weight and compact a hiker will have no problem at all carrying one around. For example, consider the Go-Anywhere Gas Grill by Weber. Measuring only 14 inches by 21 inches, it still offers 160 square inches of cooking space - perfect for cooking the main course for one or a few. The propane cylinder it uses, like most small and portable outdoor BBQs, weighs less than one pound, although it can use canisters up to 20 pounds for extended cooking times. And it ignites with the push of a button, so no need to fool with lighter fluid, matches, or anything else as unsafe.

Another similar product is the Coleman Outdoor Grill and Stove. It has two burners weights in at 15 pounds. The Coleman Outdoor Grill and Stove is one of those outdoor bbqs that is perfect for a couple or small family that can handle a little food.

When shopping for great outdoor bbqs you will notice some are designed for a particular purpose, such as tailgating. These types of outdoor grills have been designed to fit or clip on the back of a trucks tailgate. This will prevent spilling or tipping the outdoor grill amongst a crowd.

Remember this when shopping for outdoor BBQs; don't assume that because a certain model is designed for one reason that this means you can't use it as well! If a camping stove would work well on your apartment balcony, or a tailgating model will work better for your family, then go for it. That's the real beauty of so many styles of outdoor BBQs today - you're sure to find something that's perfect for you and your cooking needs. Of course, if you want to find a large deluxe model that will work for your large home and backyard there are many models that are perfect for you and some can even be built in according to your custom tastes and preferences. But for those looking for outdoor BBQs that can be taken with them wherever they go, there is a wealth of options. From small models that are great for one or two, to larger models that will serve that hungry tailgating party, outdoor BBQs are ready to go when you are!.

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