Down Home Barbecues A Summertime Tradition

Nothing says summer like a good old down home barbecue. Just the thought of one brings back fond memories of smelling burgers on the grill, chasing after lightning bugs and a great fireworks display. What would summertime be without a bag of Kingsford charcoal and some potato salad? Barbecues give everyone a reason to invite their family members and neighbors over for a day of games and activities. Some of these activities include croquet, badminton, horseshoes and maybe a not so friendly game of tag football. Whatever activities are chosen for the day, it is guaranteed that memories will be made and shared for years to come! To make your barbecue a successful one, you should include foods that are readily available in the summertime such as fresh fruit salads. Vegetable trays are also a perfect addition when enhanced by various dips for quick munching.

To keep your cold foods from spoiling (especially salads that have mayonnaise as an ingredient), it is always a good idea to keep them under cover and place their container in ice. When planning the menu for your barbecue, be sure to have the usual fare such as hot dogs and hamburgers but also add a "not so traditional" food item into the mix. One great idea is to have chicken shish kabobs which are incredibly easy to make by cutting boneless chicken breasts into cubes and skewering them with green peppers, red peppers, whole mushrooms and fresh cut onion chunks. Grill until the juice from the chicken runs clear and there is little to no pink in the middle. Remember that the hotter the grill and faster you cook the chicken, the juicier it will be. Another great addition to your "not so traditional" menu is grilled peaches.

(This one is actually a true barbecue staple for our family.) We simply pick the peaches off of our backyard peach tree and cut them in half. Cut the peaches in half and remove the pit. Then dunk the peaches in a mix of 1/4 cup Italian dressing and 4 tbsp of honey. Grill the peaches for approximately six minutes on each side and top with a little whipped cream. Complete your summertime barbecue menu with a sumptuous strawberry shortcake or a customary gelatin mold filled with fresh melon.

Most of all, whatever you do. relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer with your friends and family.

Della Franklin is a business owner, successful IT Systems Manager & Internet Marketer. She counts 10 years experience as a teacher as well as being a Certified Network Engineer, cook, wife & mother. See more about her at or

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