Concession Equipment No Need To Concede

Restauranteur; Charitable Event Organizer; Volunteer, (or volunteered), for the School Fair, or perhaps an entrepreneur of the palate? Don't panic. Whether you are creating Crepe au Crab, cooking red-hot chili, flaming burgers and dogs, frenching fries, cottoning candy, trying to say "Belgian Waffle," in Dutch, or creating the newest roadside attraction, the perfect concession equipment is available to you. There they are: people; dozens of them, hundreds, perhaps, or maybe a thousand, depending on your venue. Look in their eyes: they are hungry, probably thirsty, too, and they're headed toward you.

Do your knees grow weak? Does the spatula slip from your hands? Do you run for the hills? No way, Chef, you don't even blink! Why? Because you are prepared with the latest, greatest, shiny new concession equipment designed just for your need. Out in the park with your monogrammed logo chef's jacket and tall white toque, behind that dual commercial crepe machine, you'll still feel like you're in the kitchen of the fancy place with your name on it, although you won't let them hear what you say to the sous chef, (his mother might be listening). In the chill breeze on the River Walk, raising money for your favorite cause, a 4 quart food warmer with all the serving trappings will keep your award-winning, (don't tell us the secret ingredient; we don't want to know), chili piping hot. If you can think of it, there is concession equipment to deliver it. Perhaps it's a four foot stainless mobile outdoor gas charbroiler, or a six foot rolling wood and charcoal grill, on which you are madly slapping juicy ground beef, topped with cheese cut with a hand operated cheese cutter.

Inside or outside, here come 4 four year-olds, or 7 seven-year olds; maybe all eleven, headed your way with fists full of nickels, and looks on their faces that say "If you're out of pink and blue spun sugar, we'll ride you down with our bikes!" No fear, you are behind your fully loaded, (and protective), stainless steel steerable wagon with neon Cotton Candy sign, (which is, of course, what caught their eyes, hearts and stomachs in the first place.) Finally, for those too-cool-for-school teens, moms and dads who've been reaching in their pockets all day, and you, after you're done creating whatever it is that you create, and are feeling tired and thirsty, there are the beverages. Ah, yes, the beverages.

concession equipment comes through again. It just might be time to hit that drink dispenser for the ice-cold soda or adult concoction of your choice. Whatever your age, drink responsibly. OK, I know you get it now. But you've done a good thing. For whatever wonderful reason, you have taken on the task of feeding the hungry and slaking the needs of the thirsty.

You have done a good thing, and you were successful because you didn't have to concede to your concession equipment. Thanks. Now if I can just find room for that Belgian Waffle.

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