Buffalo Steak Try Something New

When looking for something altogether new and unusual to put on the grill, buffalo steak has a familiar flavor that is just unusual enough to make itself memorable. Very similar to beef it has a comforting familiarity. However, it also has a certain something that people notice and will look forward to having again. Which explains why buffalo steak is becoming a popular alternative to beef.

Buffalo steak is usually described as having a sweeter flavor than beef, giving it an enjoyably distinctive taste.

It is flavorful without being gamey, it is tender without being greasy, and it can be prepared just like steak. In fact, because buffalos and cows have essentially the same muscle groups, the cuts of meat are the same as you would find with beef. So, when you select a buffalo steak, you will know exactly what to expect from your meal.

However, the flavor is not the only reason to try buffalo steak.

In fact, one of the best reasons to try buffalo steak is the fact that it is actually very good for you. Because buffalo is much lower in fat than beef or pork, buffalo steak is much easier on your body than other forms of red meat. Buffalo is remarkably lean for red meat, allowing people to feel much better about their selection of meat. So even the healthy crowd can feel good about choosing buffalo.

In fact, buffalo is so lean that you have to be careful with it when you cook it.

Because fat is an insulator, it makes beef cook slowly. But, since buffalo is a very lean animal, the meat is very low in fat and, therefore, much healthier. Which also means that you need to be careful cooking a buffalo steak, since it will cook much faster than beef. So you should always be careful with buffalo on the grill or in the oven.

While the low fat and low cholesterol of buffalo steak is attractive, modern concerns about meat make buffalo even more attractive. Because buffalo graze on the free range, they are not as susceptible to mad cow disease as, let's say, cows.

This is because buffalo are allowed to go out onto the prairies and eat grass like normal herbivores, rather than eat cow renderings, such as regular cattle. And buffalo do not defecate in the streams and ponds where they drink, making them that much more sanitary. And, even more, they don't require the steroids and antibiotics that cattle require, since buffalo tend to grow much larger than cows and are much more resistant to disease.

Thus, buffalo are permitted to grow on their own and don't require as many chemicals to stay healthy. Which means that buffalo steak is not as filled with chemicals as beef, making it a meat that is almost untainted by modern science.

Admittedly, buffalo steak is not the least expensive meat available. But, when you consider the fact that buffalo is a very healthy, very tasty alternative to beef, it is clearly an alternative worth exploring.

So, if you are in the mood to stretch out and try something new, exciting, and well worth the effort, give a buffalo steak a try and see what a difference it can make.

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